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Dreams vision and impacts as your determination leads to your destination

Genesis 37 v 3-8,19,WE live in a world formulated by dreams be it wright brothers or edison alexander graham bell and today iphone There were social dreamers Martin luther king martin luther When God wants to change the world he gives men a dream be it mary joseph or peter preaching to gentiles ,dreams can be prophecy of your future danger warning like nebuchadnezzar or joseph or pharoah When God wants to change a nation life he gives you a dream .Joseph coats made him stand out ,a coat of many colors favor .(international multi cultural universal acceptance inclusion unity )Your dream is unstoppable THe dream is related to harvest field Find your field be it medicine real estate be it business field Find your field not everyone is a preacher .Connect your dream to a field and harvest .You are blessed to be a blessing Your field may be a footballer Connect your dream to the harvest .The enemy hates your dream but it shall come to pass as not everybody will be happy or celebrate your dreams .Dream another dream even bigger which made them real mad Gods dream is always progressive greater and greater Do not quit dreaming bigger bigger not smaller .birth of a dream death of dream resurrection of dream Do not give up in tough time or when you go through dark times and difficulty.Nobodys no can compete or stop Gods yes you cant stop a God given dream.He was stripped of the favor but it was outwardly he was bereaved off favor seemingly or status The enemy come sto strip you off your voice favor and opportunites seems stagnation .Never Never quit or give up for your time will come there is a turnaround in a God given dream The pit the prison the palace and the process.God will use the butler the butcher before you reach your destination The dream will shock shake startle and cause you to shine and he can use anyone to reach fulfillment in time.New coat from Pharoah new ring new horse acceleration advance speed is coming in 2018 .New season has come and new authority The dream is still working when you feel nothing that is amazing when you have a God given dream.He is leading you through the hell and fiery furnace and captives will be set free as you go through the process so dont ever give up as more souls will be saved a s you go through the attacks and onslaught and God will be glorified Nobody had a dream till joseph came along Get around people who have a great harvest dream so you can be infused with dreams and greatness God wants to bless you to be a blessings Do not abort the dream with potiphar's wife or sell out .Stay pure you are called to be different to make a difference fulfill your dreams.ait for the vision though it tarries .In one day his life changed turnaround Joseph was 30 when he stood before pharaoh after 13 years and he left home at 17 !7 means destined for victory !3 means rest of faith God gave him manasseh and ephraim God is interested in your character than comfort The dream is real the dream is true as theres power in an unforgettable dream as it i s still working dont quit now.Gods dream will save you from wrong people purposes plans and destiny

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