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Impacts of honor

A message for your meditation that will elevate you to a new season and level in God if you are a doer and honor the Lord and your word is also honor but not empty talk or promises Be a person of honor Why honor is important in life .(1)Honor will grant access.(2) what you honor will exalt you (3)Honor will bless you,(4) There is longevity in honor.(5)leader is worthy of double honor whos serves well Honor is great high respect regard and esteem and is reflected in the tone of voice actions relate relationship attitudes as you know the tree by its fruit .Honor will open your way to victory and it effects your connection level to God Honor is the key to the supernatural Honor and humility will results in promotion protection and prosperity connectivity blessings .If you honor Him he will honor you is bible principle Live and be a man of honor in word and deed .Walk with an din honor If you exalt honor Him you cant fail but overcome your enemies for He is almighty eternal self existing One the great I am To honor god and do hIs will magnify Him and we decrease so He increase is humility longevity connectivity conformity and victory .Your faith is connected to Him and you become unstoppable when you are connected to hIm and honor hIm doing his will submitted to HIm who rules the visible and invisible world.Put God first is honoring HIm John understood when he said He must increase i decrease All glory to God forevermore .The greatest deal on earth is Jesus so give all honor to hIm alone All honor glory power dominion praise be to Him .Honor god by being kingdom minded and put Gods agenda as priority and first in your life above all.The second mile sacrifices is seen in your actions attitude giving serving behaviour an d paying the price to get the prize .To see the word made flesh you must honor Him and He will manifest .God is ready are you to honor god and do his will is the secret of connection with God and enter a new level of supernatural life of Miracles David was a man after God s own heart There are levels of serving and connection and is determined by honor to Him.Devote your life to honor hIm and stop at nothing to proclaim an ddo His will that will secure a deep connection with god Your level of obedience if average your connection is also average.O Lord help us honor you and do your will so our connection to Him may be strong in your level.Worship is to honor God John 9 v 32-33 There are things that will not happen unless you are deeper in honor to God and honor is the key to the supernatural No magicians resurrected the dead after 3 days dead or open the red sea Stop magnifying the devil and honor God No magician fed five thousand with 5 loaves but Gods hand No One stronger bigger than God and he is worthy of honor.The anointing you honor will elevate and sustain you.Your spiritual Father will indicate where you are going Keep connected stay anointed When you are under a strong anointing follow and obey even if you dont agree or understand and you will see Gods hand in your situation

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