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WHY TEST Five Reasons - A Test is not a punishment or symbolizes the absence of God no matter what men in the natural eye see and says. A test is not meant to kill you but you can die if you give up or get distracted, sidetracked, detoured, delayed or deferred. The enemy may fight you but stand still and hold on to faith no matter what never quit. He is a covenant keeping God who does not leave or forsake , abandon you for the devil is a liar. A test will draw out from you what God has deposited in you .The test pulls out of you what God has invested in you and separates you from the chaff enhances your spirituality focus fervency , higher perspective in life causing change in lifestyle etc . No pain no gain principle.

The test brings change to your lifestyle mindset etc and teaches you who you are your real friends. Friend for a season reason and life. Whoever is not ready to pay the price for you and with you is not worthy to enjoy the blessing with you. So called friends when trouble comes when you are in trouble will disappear and wait and see. Careful who you pour your life to. Prepare for his exit who are friends for a season or reason.

A test will raise you to a new level season and dimension as long as you shine they will shine with you. It's all about them and in moment of trial friends for reason will move away and are self motivated full of egoism.

Judas sold Jesus for profit as he was a friend for a reason. Don't make friends too close with these ones friends only for self profit. Find friends for life who sticks closer than a brother destiny friends who will hold your hands and cry when you cry. Agree with friends for life not the other two types to see answered prayers. Whoever does not pay the price with you through your test is not necessary No matter how long a test may take a test must have an end Your test eds today for no test is forever may God turn your story around. What test are you encountering? Weeping may last for the night but joy comes in the morning. Test will cause you to change level and brings you to move you to a new dimension. The test is a test for greatness of your destiny so do not waver no matter who or what people see or say. Surely the test gives you access to the new next level. Its not the end of the world whoever betrayed abandon deserted you forsaken you and took advantage of you The test only removed what will not take you to your destiny so the true best will show up and be revealed or manifest. So stay strong in the test and arise. The test will take you to a new level a new season and now you become stronger better Never retreat arise with the word of God.

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