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You will be tested as all great men were like Abraham waiting for years and Lot deserted him, Moses was question and rebellion arose. Joseph was tested sold in slavery and tempted but it never stopped him. David had coup deta as Absalom usurped the throne. Hanna was tested till the Lord remembered her and she gave birth to Samuel.

Goliath challenged Israel was defeated by David but had to run for his life when Absalom disgraced and caused shame to him but God brought him back to leadership.

Job was sorely tested and upright man of integrity and lost everything in a day calamity after another as friends became enemies and his wife wanted to leave him asked him to curse God and die.

Daniel was tested thrown in the fiery furnace and lions den but he was unstoppable more than survived. More amount of prayers can change a test ordained by heaven to prove you. The fire may burn but it will not consume you for you are not alone in the fire. What consume others won't consume you.

Peter and John after healing the lame men was thrown in prison and Paul was whipped for delivering a girl of familiar spirits. They were jailed not for any crime but cast out the devil from the girl with familiar spirits. All these great men were tested and they praise God , prayed and shook the prison doors.

You will be tested too if God has great things for you as you have a great destiny too. There are different levels of test so be prepared and be proven.

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