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As I’m taking care of the smaller shop in One Crowne today , came across one JIL Guagua member , Sister Diana Mallari . She shared her healing testimony in the Indoor Healing Crusade at JIL Guagua . She was at the final service , went to the front line to be ministered to by Rev Ee. She was having kidney stones and was taking medication for it . She was due to have further treatment to remove the kidneys stones . Sister Diana said she heard Rev Ee said “the stones , the stones ! “. Of course Rev didnt know her medical condition . She was slain About 1 week after healing , praise God , ultrasound didn’t show any kidney stones anymore . The stones disappeared ! praise God , all glory and honour to God Rev ee ministered to sister Diana - Dr ee said the stones stones [10/24, 09:28] Like Ping: Sister Diana’s friend , another sister who attended the healing crusade said she has this bad frozen shoulder . Every night , she would feel the pain in the shoulder . After the crusade , the shoulder pain completely disappeared , praise God ! Our Lord Jesus heals !.

Sharing by Sis.Mei Li


On 21st May 2019  is another day of experiencing miracle healing. 
This is the fourth times i am experiencing miracle healings.

In the past the Lord Jesus had healed me of my ovarian cyst. There is no need for me to go for surgery. The Lord HIMSELF made the cyst shrunk & came out by itself. Praise the Lord !
The Lord also healed me of my fibroid. No need to go for surgery. The Lord Jesus made the fibroid disappear. Praise the Lord !
The Lord Jesus also healed me completely of my hyperthyroidism. There is no need for me to go for surgery. The Lord Jesus made the thyroid hormone burns out by itself through supernatural power. Therefore no need for me to go for radioactive iodine & no need to be on medication anymore. Praise the Lord !

On 21st May 2019 the Lord Jesus made my hearing back to normal again. No more vibration. Praise the Lord !




Do you know how big is the ovarian cyst when i had it once upon a time ? It is as big as a golf ball. But thank be to our Healer the greatest physician whose hands is full of healing made the ovarian cyst shrank & came out itself. When it shrank it is as long as the middle finger. It is in jelly form. Tqvm Abba Father for HIS healing. At that time i m so happy bcos no need to go for surgery.


Ok. I always remember what our Lord Jesus had blessed me with HIS wonderful acts & also miracle healings. Until now i cant forget of HIS goodness. In the past & now i m so blessed no need to go for surgery. Praise the Lord !!!




On the 1st to 3rd September last year Glad Tidings Assemblies Klang organized a miracle rally. It was a miracle evangelistic rally Rev Dr. Alfred Ee a Malaysian mightly used of God. Indeed there was a mighty presence of God manifested in the meetings. Many received Christ and many received their miracles of healing.


In fact the effects of the meetings were so powerful that a few people who were saved later attributed their decisions to the touch of God during the meetings and one of them was my own mother. Another person was my buddy who was backsliddened and could not be persuaded to come to church however he attended the Sunday morning miracle rally and the Lord touched him. This man had severe migrant and he consumes 7 panadols a day to relief him of the pain. Now he is totally healed from it and has got a job and his whole family is attending church. His younger brother was so encouraged by his testimony and transformation and is also attending church in Grace PJ.

 Another miracle was a lady who was healed of nose cancer. Doctors have given her less than six months to live but today after the miracle rally she is totally healed and attending church also. Her husband who was sceptic is also now a believer and in church after what has happened.


Another lady who has breast cancer and underwent chemotheraphy prior to her conversion is also healed and attend church. These are only some of the miracles that the Lord did some testified during the meetings others after the meetings. Glad Tidings Klang Assembly has never seen such an outpouring of Miracles and the church was taken by surprise. . Since then every week we see salvations in our church and its never the same from the acting pastor Rev John Lim,Glad Tidings church 210 Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor Darul Eshan, Tel: 603-33415407 Fax: 603-33418105

A sister from a church we ministered at, came today and shared a testimony how 3 weeks ago when we were preaching a lady came with inverted twisted leg and has been that condition for 50 over years and she responded to the ministry time and God has miraculously untwisted her legs to normal and she is totally healed ,walks freely . She herself had an answered prayer when she responded to obey God’s word to her and received a big financial breakthrough. Indeed the Lord is great ,Glory to His name .

We were ministering in Taichung Dali holiness church and a lady came for ministry who had a locked kneecap and a leg shorter than the other.  We praise God that she received her miracle after being prayed for her legs grew to normal length and her locked knee for many years is totally healed when she woke up the next day.  Indeed God is a miracle working God.

Dated March 2nd 2013 I've had this blood disorder called ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopaenia Purpura) and AIHA (Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia) for the past 28 years or so. The disorder happened because there are antibodies attached to my blood cells (platelets) and my immune system interprets these platelets as foreign bodies and causes them to be destroyed.


Why and how these antibodies have attached themselves to the platelets is not known so there is as yet no cure. The only course of action has been to manage it with steroids, which has its own string of insidious side effects. On the last Sunday of April 1999 a visiting evangelist (Pastor Alfred Ee) prayed for me and I was slain. While I was slain l saw a series of pictures. The first one was of a man sitting beside me cutting me up with a knife. The second picture was of this person taking some small things out of my body and cleaning them up. Next I saw him sewing me up with needle and thread. After that l saw a group of people pressing me down with huge piece of concrete and saying that the old man had to be flattened out so that the man can rise Then the word "renunciation" appeared and following that many words appeared such "envy", "jealousy" and many others. The last word was "unforgiveness" and with their faces appearing as well I went through the whole list saying that I will forgive them as each appeared there for a long time.

As I started to walk out of the church, l started to feel a surge of strength and energy come back to me, something which I had not had for a long time. During the week I requested for a blood check and my blood results were normal, normal, normal!  My platelet count was 151,000 (normal range is between 150,000 to 400,000). It had been less than 100,000 for a long time before this. Two weeks later at my scheduled blood check at the hospital the count went up to 186,000. And it has stayed that way and even higher ever since. PRAISE THE LORD! GREAT AND MIGHTY IS HE!

 Lim Hoy Kiang

Grace PJ l

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sis.mei li

The Lord Jesus is a miracle working God. Truly HE is alive & the same yesterday, today, tomorrow & forever the same. HE is good all the times & all the times HE is good.

HE will never leave you nor forsake you..Hebrew 13:5

Here i would like to share a testimony on how God answered my prayer.

I have been asking God what can I do for HIM in the area of multimedia. Because God had blessed me with unending blessings.


I ask God to let me know by sending HIS servant to inform me. True enough God answered my prayer by sending HIS servant Rev.Dr.Alfred Ee, the Founder of AMI MISSIONS OUTREACH MINISTRY to me via messenger.

For your information I do not know this servant of God at all & haven't heard of him before. Even though I didnt know him but I am willing to help him.

He told me to help him in the area of multimedia that's creating website for his ministry.

As i ponder over what he needs , i heard a still small voice reminding me that i did ask God before what can i do for God.

Later i came to know from Rev Dr alfred Ee sharing with me that he pray to God for a dedicated & committed Christian to help in creating website.

For your information this servant of God doesnt know my talents & giftings. Based on what he shared is actually a confirmation from God to me.I know is from God that want me to do the job. By helping this ministry indirectly i am helping God.

Is a great joy able to serve God & able to utilized the talents & giftings for HIS glory. If God chose you to do the task HE will help you by blessing you with HIS wisdom, knowledge & many tools to accomplished HIS task.

I am glad to be a partnership with God in this ministry. ALL GLORY , HONOUR & PRAISES BACK TO HIM. AMEN !