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Jesus is the answer to our life Have you ever wondered who created you, who determines your future, who you marry, how long you live or what is your destiny and purpose in life? I had never asked myself these questions until I was 19, which led me to my encounter with God. My first testimony about God reaching out to me started with this question.

It all began in my first year of entering university. Life was beautiful, successful, amazing and I was very popular where I was admired by many. I was one of the top sportswomen in my state with a chance to represent my country, a bright undergraduate and future ahead with no understanding of fear or limits to life. On the day I remember packing and getting ready for my first day at university, a fortune teller came to my house to read my life. Growing up in my background, it is normal to seek the advice of fortune tellers. Little did I know the power of words when I went to listen to her. She said some shocking things to me after reading me, which I know now were all lies from Satan to destroy my life.

She said if I get into a relationship it won’t last and I will die when I reach 23 years old. In order to break this curse I had to worship some idols, make donations to the temple and perform some other rituals. My mum and I followed her instruction, but still I did not have the peace that I was searching for.

No matter how hard I tried to refuse to believe what the fortune teller had said, her words kept echoing in my head reminding me of what my future is. From being a popular and successful undergraduate, my performance deteriorated to the point where I was having bad grades, depression, stress, anxiety and being unable to concentrate on my studies. The thoughts of what the fortune teller had declared over my life gave me sleepless nights. I started to ask questions like “who determines how long I live?”, “whom shall I marry?” and “what is purpose in life?”.

I dared not share to my family because I had a broken family. I went to search up and down to find the answers to disproof what she said. I looked in relationships, counselling, temples, new age teaching, spiritualism, success, fame and popularity but I could not find the answers to curb and fill the void inside my heart, until one night I decided to give up my life. Fuelled by feelings of hopelessness and meaninglessness I crossed the road hoping to be hit by a car.

But the car did not hit me and I was all alone by myself. It was around midnight and I couldn’t sleep, so I went and sat in a car park and looked at the night sky with all these questions still playing in my head. Suddenly I heard a voice from the sky calling my name, “Wei-Kee”. My initial thought was that it could be a ghost. Then I realised the voice coming from the sky was very powerful yet peaceful, strong and full of authority - not like a creepy ghost. And I replied from inside my heart by asking “Who are you?”. The voice then replied to me, “I AM”. “What do you want from me?”, I asked and the reply was “I want to give you hope, future and life”.

The next day suspecting it was a dream, I asked my room-mate what time I came back and she said 2am. I realised it was not a dream but a real encounter. Later I asked ‘the voice’ what should I do, and He said “go to church”. I called my Christian friend and they brought me to church. In one of their groups they shared to me John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. As soon as I heard this I realised it was the same person – Jesus speaking in the bible was the same voice which I had heard. The voice I had heard was God and I could not resist the peace on offer through receiving Jesus in my life. Therefore I received Jesus immediately when they offered me the opportunity.

My soul, heart and mind was flooded with the peace of God after receiving Him. I could sleep and focus on my studies again. I felt I had broken free from all the bondage of fears, anxiety, meaninglessness and hopelessness. I became at peace with myself. After receiving Jesus and beginning a relationship with God the Father, I found my life turned around. He took all of my broken heartedness and turned it into something beautiful. He showed me His Fatherly love, which is greater than earthly love; His protection, love, defence, rescue and delights towards me.

Today, 22 years later, I can happily testify that what the fortune teller said did not come to pass. I have graduated, I am married to an amazing man, have a beautiful family and a great job. I have sound mind and great days lie ahead of me. The lines in the palms of my hands mean nothing to me at all anymore because my life is in His hand. He holds my future. I am living in the goodness of God that constantly chases after me and knowing that the future ahead of me is brighter and brighter because God has fulfilled His promise good future plan and to give me hope and life

Life is beautiful now even though tough times may come sometimes, but God shows up again and again, greater than any situation or circumstance, taking control over the undesirable and turning them into blessings. He is always revealing His faithfulness and love towards me. At times when life seems unpleasing, He promises me that He is my bread of life. He is my source of strength and I can live life to the fullest because of who He is - my protector, counsellor, defender, deliverer, peace, life, hope and future, but above all a Father that wants only the best for me. He showed up to me for the first time and He never stops doing so.

All I can say that is He is the answer to every question in our life because He is a life giver. Be blessed, Wei Kee Roberts For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Testimony by

Beatrice and Dr Abel Raj

From Klang Grace Assembly Of God

Recently, I got shingles. I have been caring for my aged parents and balancing family and work, so it was stressful. Am ok now, only the pain comes on and off. That's when I went into my library and saw your book. I never knew it was there. God led me to your book. Praise The Lord !


I was just reading this book with my husband bought a few years ago. Am so blessed with your teaching on healing and the nuggets of wisdom. It is a book that is difficult to put down. I believe I am healed by His stripes. It is indeed a marvelous book. Kudos to you and your wife Pastor for writing with divine wisdom.

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